Coming Soon – Enhanced Snipping Tool and Notepad for Windows 11

Microsoft announced the rollout of updates to two of its core applications, Snipping Tool and Notepad, exclusively for Windows Insiders in the Canary and Dev Channels on Windows 11.

Snipping Tool Update (Version 11.2401.32.0)

The latest update to the Snipping Tool introduces a significant enhancement in the form of a shapes toolbar. This new feature allows users to incorporate various shapes such as rectangles, ovals, lines, and arrows directly into their screenshots, facilitating an intuitive and efficient annotation process.

Snipping tool window open with the new shapes toolbar active
Image Courtesy Microsoft Snipping Tool window open with the new shapes toolbar active

To utilize this feature, users can select the shapes button on the toolbar and choose their preferred shape. Customization options include changing the fill or outline color. Shapes can be easily resized, moved, or modified in color until they are deselected, at which point they become a permanent part of the image. However, users retain the ability to remove or edit shapes post-merging through the eraser tool or the undo function.

Notepad Update (Version 11.2401.25.0)

Notepad receives a transformative update with the integration of “Explain with Copilot,” a feature designed to enhance text comprehension within the application. This function enables users to seek detailed explanations of log files, code segments, or any selected text directly within Notepad, facilitated by the Copilot feature in Windows.

Notepad app open showing new “explain with copilot” action on selected content
Image Courtesy Microsoft Notepad app open showing new Explain with Copilot action on selected content

Activating this feature is straightforward: users can highlight text, right-click to select Explain with Copilot or employ the new Ctrl + E keyboard shortcut. A comprehensive explanation provided by Copilot will then be displayed. It is important to note that while this feature is widely available, some users may initially encounter visibility issues with this new functionality in Notepad.

Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Microsoft encourages Windows Insiders to actively provide feedback on these updates through the Feedback Hub (WIN + F) under the respective Apps categories for Snipping Tool and Notepad. Community input is invaluable in guiding the ongoing development and refinement of Windows applications.


The introduction of enhanced functionalities in Snipping Tool and Notepad represents Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to improve user experience through innovative features and responsive updates. By integrating user feedback into the development process, Microsoft aims to deliver applications that not only meet but exceed user expectations. Windows Insiders are encouraged to explore these updates and share their insights, contributing to the continuous evolution of the Windows ecosystem

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