Enabling Secure Playback in Brave Browser – Activating Widevine

Brave browser users attempting to stream content from platforms like Spotify may encounter Secure Playback issues due to the default deactivation of the Widevine extension. This guide provides a structured approach to enable Widevine in Brave, ensuring seamless streaming of multimedia content.

Understanding Widevine DRM Protection and Secure Playback

Widevine DRM, a Google-developed technology, is a digital rights management component integral to safeguarding premium multimedia content. It’s employed by leading streaming services including Google Play, YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and Spotify, among others. Widevine ensures secure content delivery from the source to the end user, maintaining the content’s integrity and providing an optimal viewing experience. For a comprehensive list of Widevine-supported platforms, you may refer to the official website.

Enable Secure Playback (Widevine) in Brave Browser (Widevine)

1) Access Brave Extensions:

  • Launch the Brave browser.
  • Navigate to the extensions page by typing brave://settings/extensions into the address bar and press Enter.

2) Activate Widevine Extension:

  • On the extensions page, locate and enable the Widevine extension.
  • A restart of Brave is necessary for the changes to be effective. Post-restart, Spotify, and similar services should function without encountering Secure Playback issues.
Enable widevine drm in brave
Enable Widevine DRM in Brave

Widevine in Other Browsers

While this guide focuses on Brave, it’s important to note that browsers like Microsoft Edge might also have Widevine disabled by default and would require a similar process for activation. Conversely, Firefox, as of this writing, does not frequently exhibit issues with Spotify DRM and Widevine protection.


Encountering Secure Playback issues in Brave, particularly when streaming content from services like Spotify, can be efficiently resolved by enabling the Widevine extension. This guide outlines the necessary steps to ensure a smooth and secure multimedia streaming experience.

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