Gorilla LLM Outsmart ChatGPT with API Power

The world of AI chatbots and language models is buzzing, with ChatGPT and its upcoming rival GPT-4 capturing headlines. But there’s a new beast in the AI jungle: Gorilla LLM. This innovative model from UC Berkeley and Microsoft researchers is designed to do something ChatGPT can’t – directly interact with APIs, unlocking a new level of potential for developers.

What is Gorilla LLM?

Gorilla LLM builds upon the foundation of large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT but adds a twist. Imagine teaching an LLM not just to write and converse, but to access and execute the code behind thousands of software tools and functions (APIs). That’s Gorilla’s power, enabling it to potentially become a single interface for a vast range of computing processes.

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How Gorilla Works: Beyond Static Brains

Traditional LLMs face limitations – their knowledge is ‘frozen’ in their code. Gorilla breaks this mold with “retriever-aware training”. It can search up-to-date API documentation, adapt to changes, and use the retrieved knowledge to execute the right tool for a task. In short, Gorilla learns as the online world of tools evolves.

Gorilla-Spotlight: See it in Action

Want to test-drive this concept? Gorilla-Spotlight, a research prototype, shows what Gorilla can do (sign up here). For example, it can translate languages, analyze data, create images, and more – all through natural language requests.

Gorilla Spotlight: Large Language Model Connected with Massive APIs

Gorilla vs. ChatGPT: It’s Not a Fight

Gorilla isn’t meant to replace ChatGPT. Rather, it excels in different areas. While ChatGPT focuses on conversation and text generation, Gorilla is primed to become a developer’s best friend, automating complex tasks and making software tools far more accessible.


Gorilla LLM is a groundbreaking step in the evolution of language models. By enabling AI to interface with the vast world of APIs, it paves the way for more intuitive, versatile, and powerful AI-driven solutions. Whether you’re a developer, AI enthusiast, or simply curious about the future of technology, Gorilla LLM is one to watch.

Note: Keep in mind that Gorilla-Spotlight is a research prototype and access might be limited.

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