How to Fix “Please update your device’s settings” Error in the Windows Photos App

When attempting to transfer photos or videos to your Windows computer, you may encounter the frustrating error message: “Please update your device’s settings to accept media transfers.” This issue often stems from misconfigured settings or outdated drivers. In this guide, we’ll explore effective solutions to address this problem in the Windows Photos App.

Understanding the Error’s Causes

This error typically arises due to one or more of the following:

  • Incorrect USB Cable: Ensure you’re using a cable that supports data transfer, not just charging.
  • Phone Settings: Your connected device (e.g., an Android phone) may require its USB settings adjusted.
  • Outdated MTP Drivers: Windows requires the correct Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) drivers for seamless communication with external devices.

Resolving the Windows Photos App Error

Preliminary Steps

  1. Restart Devices: Reboot both your computer and connected device.
  2. Check USB Cable: Use a different, data-transfer-capable USB cable.

Android Device Settings

  1. Connect with USB: Attach your Android phone to your computer.
  2. Access USB Settings: In your phone’s notifications, find and tap the USB settings option.
  3. Enable File Transfer: Select “Transferring Files” (or similar). Make sure your phone stays unlocked during the transfer.

MTP USB Driver Management

  1. Open Device Manager: Right-click the Start menu and select “Device Manager.”
  2. Locate Your Device: Find your phone under “Portable Devices.”
  3. Uninstall Driver: Right-click your device and choose “Uninstall device.”
  4. Restart and Reinstall: Reboot your computer; Windows should automatically reinstall the necessary drivers.

Alternate Method: File Explorer

If the above approaches fail, manually transfer files via File Explorer:

  1. Locate Files: In File Explorer, navigate to your connected device’s folders.
  2. Copy and Paste: Copy desired photos/videos and paste them into a folder on your computer.

Further Insights

  • iPhone Issues: For iPhones, ensure you’ve selected “Trust” on your phone when connecting to your computer. Update iTunes if necessary.
  • Antivirus Conflicts: Temporarily disabling antivirus software may be helpful in rare cases, but immediately re-enable it afterward.


By following these steps, you should be able to successfully fix the “Please update your device’s settings” error in the Windows Photos App. If problems persist, seek further assistance from Microsoft support or check your device manufacturer’s website for specific troubleshooting guidance.

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