Microsoft Phases Out WMI Command-Line Utility in Windows 11

Microsoft is progressively discontinuing the Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line (WMI Command Line), marking a significant shift in its approach to system management tools in Windows 11. Despite its long-standing presence, WMIC is making way for more modern, efficient alternatives, specifically PowerShell.

The Gradual Deprecation of WMI Command-Line

The WMI Command Line, a staple in Windows for providing a command-line interface for Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), has been on the decline for eight years. Initially deprecated by Microsoft, WMIC transitioned into a Feature on Demand in Windows 11 22H2. The latest development in this phase-out process is that starting with Insider builds and subsequently in release builds later in the year, WMIC will be disabled by default.

Microsoft’s decision to sideline WMIC is aimed at streamlining the user experience and minimizing system complexity. The company has been channeling significant investment into PowerShell, a more robust and versatile tool for querying WMI, rendering WMIC redundant.

Transition to PowerShell and Other Alternatives

The transition away from the WMI Command Line is anticipated to have a minimal impact on the majority of Windows 11 users. For those who have been reliant on WMIC, Microsoft advises transitioning to PowerShell or exploring programmatic methods to query WMI. In a recent blog post, Microsoft elaborated on the change, stating that WMIC will be “disabled by default” in the insider build of Windows 11 starting January 29, 2024. The company urges users and developers whose applications are dependent on WMIC to adapt their operations and migrate to alternative solutions.

Guidance and Support for Users

Recognizing the necessity of support during this transition, Microsoft has provided detailed guidance, examples, and instructions for users and developers needing to migrate from WMIC to alternative tools. This guidance is aimed at ensuring a smooth transition, maintaining system security, and enhancing productivity by leveraging more advanced and efficient tools.


The phased deprecation of the WMI Command Line Utility underscores Microsoft’s commitment to evolving its operating system environment, prioritizing modernization, efficiency, and user security. As WMIC makes its exit, users are encouraged to embrace PowerShell and other advanced methods for system management tasks. This change, though significant, is a step towards a more streamlined, secure, and productive computing experience for Windows 11 users. Microsoft’s provision of resources and guidance ensures that this transition while marking the end of an era for WMIC, opens new avenues for innovation and efficiency in system management.

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