Microsoft PowerToys, Now Compact In Size and Mighty in Power

Microsoft PowerToys has long been recognized as an indispensable suite of utilities for power users, offering an extensive range of features tailored to streamline and enhance the Windows experience. The recent release of version 0.72 marks a significant advancement, notably reducing the tool’s footprint without compromising on its robust functionality. You may download the latest version here.

PowerToys 0.72: A Testament to Efficiency

The 0.72 version of PowerToys achieves a remarkable reduction in size, a testament to the team’s commitment to optimization. The footprint on the installed apps screen has been diminished from 1.15 GB to a lean 785 MB, while the size reported in File Explorer properties has been compacted from 3.10 GB to a mere 554 MB. This impressive decrease in size is a result of a strategic decision to have utilities share an installed path, showcasing PowerToys’ dedication to efficiency, not only in performance but also in its structural design.

Enhanced Features in PowerToys 0.72

Beyond its reduced size, PowerToys 0.72 introduces an array of improved features, adding even more value to this toolkit. Notable enhancements include:

  • Value Generator: A new addition to the PowerToys Run plugin, enabling users to effortlessly create hashes and GUID values.
  • Mouse Highlighter: Updated for improved cursor tracking, ensuring the highlighter consistently follows the mouse pointer.
  • PowerRename: Renowned for its batch file renaming capabilities, PowerRename has been optimized to handle a more significant number of files simultaneously, minimizing the risk of crashes.

Transparency and Impact of the Update

Maintaining their tradition of transparency, the PowerToys team has shared an extensive change log on GitHub, detailing every nuance of the update. This practice underscores the team’s commitment to openness and their dedication to keeping users informed about the continuous evolution of the toolset.


The latest update of Microsoft PowerToys represents a pivotal development in the utility’s journey, striking an exemplary balance between minimizing resource consumption and maximizing functionality. Version 0.72 not only continues to cater to the sophisticated demands of power users but also exemplifies the team’s innovative spirit and unwavering dedication to enhancing user experience. With each update, PowerToys reaffirms its position as an essential and ever-evolving toolkit, ready to meet and exceed the dynamic needs of its user base.

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