Microsoft PowerToys Unleashes Mac Magic on Windows

Microsoft PowerToys has emerged as an essential tool for users aiming to amplify the functionality of their Windows operating system. With the release of version 0.70.1, PowerToys introduces an array of features that enrich the user experience, infusing the esteemed elements of Mac into the Windows platform.

Embracing Mac-Inspired Features

The incorporation of Mouse Without Borders in the latest iteration of PowerToys stands out as a transformative feature. This tool facilitates the use of a single mouse and keyboard to control multiple computers, streamlining workflow and bolstering productivity for users juggling multiple devices.

Another significant addition is Peek, reminiscent of MacOS’s Quick Look. This feature allows for a rapid preview of files within the File Explorer, eliminating the necessity to open files individually and enabling swift file management. These enhancements underscore PowerToys’ dedication to offering Mac-like convenience and efficiency to Windows users.

Comprehensive Update and Improvements

The 0.70.1 update extends beyond the introduction of new features; it encompasses a series of bug fixes, refinements, and resolutions to existing issues, ensuring a more seamless and user-centric experience. PowerToys’ commitment to enhancing already popular features like FancyZones, PowerRename, and Image Resizer further solidifies its standing as a versatile tool for Windows users.

Download and Install PowerToys

Users are encouraged to download the latest version of PowerToys from Microsoft’s GitHub repository. Available in both x86 and ARM versions, the installation can be tailored for individual users or extended system-wide, offering flexibility to accommodate different user preferences.

Maximizing Productivity with a Community-Driven Approach

Microsoft PowerToys excels in catering to power users and developers who seek to optimize their operating system’s capabilities. Its open-source nature invites community participation, allowing users to contribute, provide feedback, and even develop bespoke features, enhancing the tool‘s adaptability and potency.


Microsoft PowerToys serves as a testament to Microsoft’s commitment to enriching the Windows experience by integrating the best aspects of Mac. It stands as an indispensable application for those desiring a supercharged operating system experience, offering a suite of features that cater to a diverse range of needs and workflows. As PowerToys continues to evolve with each update, users can anticipate a progressively refined and productive computing environment, marking a harmonious convergence of Windows and Mac functionalities.

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