Microsoft to Retire WordPad After 28 Years of Service

Microsoft has announced the retirement of WordPad, the long-standing text editor embedded in Windows operating systems since Windows 95. This decision is part of the company’s strategic shift to enhance its software offerings and promote the use of more sophisticated applications.

The Phasing Out of WordPad

Recent insights from Tom’s Hardware reveal that the latest Canary build of Windows 11 does not include WordPad by default, signaling the start of its phase-out. Microsoft is steering users towards its comprehensive Office suite, particularly Microsoft Word, for an enriched word-processing experience. The move to categorize WordPad as a deprecated feature in September 2023 underscores Microsoft’s dedication to evolving its software suite in line with modern user requirements.

WordPad, known for its simplicity and minimalistic design, has served users as a basic text-editing tool, providing a streamlined alternative to more feature-intensive word processors. However, as Microsoft’s Office suite advanced and other sophisticated alternatives emerged, WordPad’s relevance gradually waned.

Microsoft’s Strategic Shift

The discontinuation of WordPad aligns with Microsoft’s overarching strategy to offer a streamlined, modern software lineup, focusing on advanced tools that address contemporary productivity needs. The decision is met with mixed reactions; some users welcome the transition towards a more integrated and progressive software ecosystem, while others express a sense of nostalgia for the classic text editor that has been part of their Windows experience for nearly three decades.

Additionally, the upcoming Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26020 is set to eliminate Cortana. This move is part of Microsoft’s broader vision to transform Copilot AI into a multifaceted platform that extends beyond the traditional scope of a digital assistant.


The retirement of WordPad after 28 years signifies a pivotal moment in Microsoft’s journey of software innovation. It reflects the company’s commitment to adapting its product portfolio to meet evolving user demands and the shift towards leveraging more advanced, feature-rich applications. While this transition marks the end of an era for WordPad, it also heralds the dawn of a streamlined and forward-looking software environment, promising enhanced productivity and a refined user experience in the years to come.

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