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OpenAI, an industry leader in artificial intelligence, recently unveiled an innovative update to its ChatGPT software, introducing a feature that allows users to set custom instructions. This enhancement significantly enriches user interaction with the chatbot, making it a highly personalized and efficient tool.

Customized Commands: A Breakthrough in AI Interaction

The introduction of custom instructions in ChatGPT represents a quantum leap in AI technology. Users no longer need to input repetitive commands; instead, they can set preferences for the chatbot to consistently adhere to. For example, users can request that the chatbot always use a formal tone or limit responses to a specific word count. This functionality streamlines the user-chatbot interaction, rendering it more seamless and tailored to individual requirements.

The Versatility of ChatGPT’s Custom Instructions

OpenAI’s new feature is designed to take into account anything users wish to be reflected in ChatGPT’s responses. This flexibility means that the chatbot can adapt to a wide array of user needs and preferences. For instance, educators can request content appropriate for a certain educational level, while developers can specify their coding language preferences. Furthermore, the integration of custom instructions with plug-ins enables ChatGPT to offer location-based responses, such as personalized travel advice or local dining recommendations.

Access and Availability of the Feature

This custom instruction feature is currently accessible to users subscribed to the Plus plan. However, due to specific restrictions, it is not available to users in the EU and the U.K. The feature is in its beta phase, with OpenAI keenly refining it based on user feedback.

User Guidance for Accessing Custom Instructions

Web users can activate this feature by navigating to Settings > Beta features > Opt into Custom instructions. For iOS users, the feature is accessible through Settings > New Features > Turn on Custom Instructions.

Ethical Use of Custom Instructions Data

OpenAI is committed to ethical data practices, utilizing data from custom instructions to enhance model performance and responsiveness to diverse instructions. Users concerned about data usage can modify their preferences through data control settings.

Continuous Improvement through User Testing

OpenAI is actively conducting user testing for the custom instructions feature, soliciting feedback to continually refine its functionality. Users are provided with input boxes to specify chat preferences, enabling fine-tuning of the chatbot’s responses.

Safety and Moderation Measures

To ensure a safe and respectful user environment, OpenAI employs its moderation API to review custom instructions for inappropriate content. Instructions that violate company policies are either disregarded or not saved.

Recent Developments in ChatGPT

OpenAI has recently made significant strides, including the launch of the ChatGPT app for iOS in the U.S. and its expansion to over 40 countries. The company has also introduced an iPad app with Siri and Shortcuts support and a web search feature through Bing integration.


The introduction of customized command features in ChatGPT is a testament to OpenAI’s commitment to enhancing user experience and leading the AI industry. By enabling personalized interactions, OpenAI is not only improving the efficiency and applicability of AI chatbots but also setting new standards for the future of artificial intelligence. As this technology continues to evolve, users can look forward to an increasingly sophisticated and user-centric AI landscape.

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